Twitter Inc.’s stock soared 80% Thursday as the microblogging site began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in the second-biggest Internet initial public offering in history.
Twitter stock soars 80% in IPO - IPO Report - MarketWatch

Will Twitter Sustain IPO Gains? Picked 1269 days ago

KerriU(< 25%) Posted under Financial News/Blogs
What are the chances Twitter stock will double in price by week's end?
Will Twitter Sustain IPO Gains?
There's some evidence suggesting that women are better at men when it comes to trading stocks. Keep in mind that a key to investing success is sitting tight.
Do Women Trade Stocks Better Than Men? Evidence Suggests That Is The Case -
The government shutdown and the looming debt-ceiling deadline are dominating headlines but haven’t really made much of a dent in the stock market. According to Barry Ritholtz, if this drags on, stocks could fall 20-30%.
Stocks Could Fall 20-30% if Shutdown Isn’t Resolved Soon: Barry Ritholtz | Daily Ticker
The Globe and Mail has a fantastic article on the decline and fall of BlackBerry.
How BlackBerry blew it: The inside story - The Globe and Mail
The stock market isn't happy with idea of a federal shutdown - the U.S. stocks falling at Monday's opening.
Federal government shutdown draws near as bickering continues -
Well, we now have such a stock-picker’s market – more so than any time since before the financial crisis – with tickers moving according to individual company substance and the stories analysts tell about them. Performance-stalking investors are understandably welcoming this shift.....
It’s a ‘Stock-Picker’s Market’ – Time to Clap or Cringe?
Joe Fahmy of Zor Capital joins Breakout to discuss his top five stock picks poised to deliver results in the fourth quarter. Here are Fahmy's picks:
Netflix (NFLX)
Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)
Herbalife (HLF)
EOG Resources (EOG)
Splunk (SPLK)
5 Growth Stocks Poised to Profit in the Fourth Quarter: Fahmy | Breakout - Yahoo! Finance

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