Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. This page explains many of the features that are offered by this site to our members.(Click on any link below)

What is StockPickStr?

    StockPickstr, is a social website devoted to helping average people make better investment and financial decisions. StockPickstr allows members to submit their stock picks and at the same time rate the stock’s future performance. Based on that performance, the member gets an accuracy rating. These picks are than reviewed by all members and promoted, based on popularity and member's accuracy rating, to the main page. When a member submits a stock pick or financial news article it gets placed in the 'New' section until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the home page.

    So, StockPickstr democratizes this social website by giving users a voice. Members can cast their vote on stock picks, financial news articles and comments, pushing the most appropriate content to the top of the site. StockPickstr’s emphasis on voting for the best content promotes the most popular content on this website.

How do I get started?

First sign-up to take advantage of special privileges reserved for members and then follow the steps below -

How do I submit my picks

To submit your picks you need to be logged in.
  • To submit your Stock predictions - Click on Submit on the navigation bar and then select 'Stock Prediction' from the dropdown.

  • To submit your Financial NewsArticle - Click on Submit on the navigation bar and then select 'Financial News/Blogs' from the dropdown. Next, simply copy the URL of the new article you’d like to submit, and paste into the 'URL' text box and click continue. StockPickstr system will read all meta data from the post. If a meta description is not complete or descriptive enough, you may edit this. You're allow to easily select and set a thumbnail or videos for your story submissions. Thumbnails or videos from the story URL are automatically retrieved and shown to you. Alternatively you can add your own thumbnails/images via file or URL. You’ll be given the option to review and make changes before final submission. Submit, and you’re done! The easiest way to submit the stories is by putting StockPickstr button on your website or blog.

  • Is there a charge to join?

    It’s absolutely free! Enjoy.

    What are those numbers next to the user ID?

    User Rankings will show you what place a user has on this website. The most active user, who has the highest total Karma score, will be ranked in first place (#1). The second most active would be ranked as #2, and so on. The easiest way to see how rankings work is to look at the current Top Users page. The User Accuracy is based on how successful the user is in making stock predictions.

    What is Karma?

    Karma is a score assigned to each member account on this site. The score is a representation of how active the user is on StockPickstr along with their stock pick accuracy. A member who is frequently participating on the site would have a high Karma score, while a member who is either new to the site or inactive will have a low score.
    Probably the easiest way to describe how Karma works is through an example. A normal user will start off with 0 karma. Once they begin voting, commenting, and submitting stock picks/financial news articles their karma score will build up through use of the Karma Module.
    Karma takes into account a users submissions, published, queued, buried stories,and accuracy of picks. It then comes up with a mathematical equation to represent it. The basics of the karma system are the member gets X number of points for stock picks and financial news articles submitted, pick/stories voted on, and the submitter's accuracy voting, then it’s put into a mathematical equation against time elapsed. Stock Picks and News Article with higher rankings earn better placement within the website, and users who vote earn Karma points as a reward for their contributions.

    How is my accuracy rating calculated?

    To calculate accuracy we take the number of accurate picks divided by your total number of picks. A member who makes 9 out of 10 correct predictions will be ranked ahead of a player who makes 4 out of 4 correct because it is much more difficult to be correct 9 times out of 10. What constitutes an accurate pick depends upon the status of your pick.

    How do I send out a Private Message

    A social network site isn't very social without the ability to communicate with each other. StockPickstr has included a private messaging module so that you can send your friends a message that they can respond to. To send private message to any user, you have to click on the “compose” button on his/her profile page. In order to send or receive messages, you need to be her/his friend. You will get notified via email, whenever you receive a new message.

    What is the different Awards displayed on this site?

    There are 7 awards that are dynamically generated and assigned to users depending on their participation within this site and displayed in the user's profile.

    The 7 awards users can earn are:

    - A member must have an accuracy rating of 75% or above to earn the Top Rating Award.
    - A member must have more than a 500 point Karma score to earn the Power User Award.
    - A member must have voted on more than 100 stock picks or financial news articles to earn the Power Voter Award.
    - A member must have been the deciding publishing vote on more than 25 upcoming stock picks or financial news articles to earn the Six Sense Award.
    - A member must have submitted a new stock pick or financial news article more than 50 times to earn the Power Submitter Award.
    - A member must have had at least 35 of their submitted stock picks or financial news articles go to the front page (published) to earn the Power Publisher Award.
    - A member must have made more than 55 comments to earn the Comment Master Award.

    Do you have a glossary of some of terms found on this website?

    Yes, click here to see our glossary.

    Do you have a mobile app?

    Yes, we also offer a mobile-optimized site for members accessing StockPickstr on their device’s mobile browser.

    What are 'Groups'?

    Groups allow users to share stock predictions and financial news articles with other members who share a common interest in a company stock. To participate, first join a group, then during your stock prediction or financial articles submission select the specific group to submit to.