"Groupon "GRPN"

Last Trade Price: 3.99
Last Trade Date: "3/24/2017"
Last Trade Time:"4:00pm"
Change and % Change:"+0.01 - +0.25%"
Volume: 5535738
Day's High:4.05
Day's Low:3.90
52 Week Range: "2.92 - 5.94"

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Why Is Groupon (GRPN) Down 11% Since the Last Earnings Report?
A month has gone by since the last earnings report for Groupon Inc GRPN Shares have lost about 11 in that time frame underperforming the market Will the recent negative trend continue leading up to the stock s next earnings release or is it due for a breakout Before we dive into

After Hours Most Active for Mar 15, 2017 : SNPS, RIG, GEO, KOS, YPF, TNGO, LYG, PFE, MCHI, MSFT, GRPN, AAPL
The NASDAQ 100 After Hours Indicator is up 38 to 5 416 63 The total After hours volume is currently 70 463 657 shares traded The following are the most active stocks for the after hours session Synopsys Inc SNPS is 0 05 at 70 20 with 14 135 762 shares traded

Groupon (GRPN) Shares Rebound on Restructuring Efforts
Shares of Groupon Inc GRPN have rebounded strongly this year after a disappointing 2016 As compared with the Zacks Electronic Commerce industry s increase of 15 6 the stock has gained 23 2 on a year to date basis driven by solid execution of restructuring initiatives The daily

Stocks Feeling a Bit Under the Weather
We haven t seen this in a while For the first time in over a month the S amp P and Dow just completed back to back losing sessions The declines weren t severe but the major indices failed to mount an end of the day rally into the positive that we ve grown accustomed to The S amp P

To Hike Or Not to Hike - That Is the Question
Friday March 3 2017 Later today 1 00pm ET to be exact Fed Chair Janet Yellen will discuss the possibility of an interest rate hike when she addresses the Executives Club in Chicago Vice Chair Stanley Fischer also speaks today in New York and ought to shine even more light on

Looking today at week over week shares outstanding changes among the universe of ETFs covered at ETF Channel one standout is the SPDR S amp P Retail ETF Symbol XRT where we have detected an approximate 44 0 million dollar outflow that s a 4 7 decrease week over week from 21 400 226