"KB Home" "KBH"

Last Trade Price: 19.61
Last Trade Date: "3/24/2017"
Last Trade Time:"4:03pm"
Change and % Change:"+0.29 - +1.50%"
Volume: 5026175
Day's High:19.90
Day's Low:18.83
52 Week Range: "12.38 - 19.90"

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New Homes Find More Buyers in February: Housing Stocks Rally
The uptick in mortgage rates seems to be having minimal effect on new home sales In February new home sales surged to a seven month high indicating the gradual housing market recovery on strong demand The upside was primarily attributable to unseasonably warm weather across a large part of

Stock Market News for March 24, 2017
Benchmarks finished in the red on Thursday following a delay in voting on the new healthcare law introduced by Republicans Investors believe that the new administration s ability to see this Bill through the House of Representatives would determine whether President Trump will be able to

KB Home (KBH) Beats Q1 Earnings Estimates, Housing Strong
KB Home KBH reported impressive first quarter fiscal 2017 earnings of 15 cents per share surpassing both the Zacks Consensus Estimate and the year ago profit level of 14 cents by 7 1 Total revenue of 818 6 million in the quarter beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 802 million by 2

After-Hours Earnings Report for March 23, 2017 : MU, GME, KBH, ENV, OXM, SCVL, UPLD, SPWH, CBAY, NBY, VSTM, CYTX
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Stocks Close Nearly Flat After Healthcare Vote Delayed - U.S. Commentary
Stocks Close Nearly Flat After Healthcare Vote Delayed - U.S. Commentary

KB Home Earnings Advance 9% In Q1
KB Home Earnings Advance 9% In Q1