"KB Home" "KBH"

Last Trade Price: 22.82
Last Trade Date: "6/27/2017"
Last Trade Time:"4:05pm"
Change and % Change:"+0.04 - +0.18%"
Volume: 6615791
Day's High:23.16
Day's Low:22.66
52 Week Range: "13.97 - 23.16"

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KB Home Bottom Line Advances 104% In Q2
KB Home Bottom Line Advances 104% In Q2

KB Home Q2 17 Earnings Conference Call At 5:00 PM ET
KB Home Q2 17 Earnings Conference Call At 5:00 PM ET

Martin Marietta to Buy Bluegrass, Boost Aggregates Business
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Dow Snaps Quiet Skid
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How Much Farther Can KB Home (KBH) Stock REALLY Go?
InvestorPlace Stock Market News Stock Advice amp Trading Tips In November 2016 things didn t look pretty for home builder stocks A confluence of headwinds really weighed on the sector Economists were calling for an economic recession home builder activity dropped due

KB Home reports second-quarter numbers June 27
What s Happening U S homebuilder KB Home KBH is scheduled to release its second quarter numbers on June 27 The company will report after the market close with the consensus calling for earnings of 0 26 on sales of 921 82 million During the same period last year the company earned 0