"Key Energy Services "KEG"

Last Trade Price: 22.62
Last Trade Date: "3/28/2017"
Last Trade Time:"4:02pm"
Change and % Change:"+0.15 - +0.67%"
Volume: 229620
Day's High:22.80
Day's Low:22.27
52 Week Range: "21.40 - 38.00"

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Oil and Gas Stock Roundup: Sliding Crude Slams the Weakest Links
What happened Oil prices continued their slow sell off this week ending down another 1 7 and below 48 per barrel As in prior weeks the main weight on crude prices were rising U S oil stockpiles which set another record according to the U S Energy Information

Energy Sector Update for 03/13/2017: PFIE,AMFW,KEG
Top Energy StocksTop Energy Stocks XOM 0 40 XOM 0 40 CVX 1 05 CVX 1 05 COP 0 04 COP 0 04 SLB 0 65 SLB 0 65 OXY 0 38 OXY 0 38 Energy stocks turned narrowly mixed again this afternoon with the NYSE Energy Sector Index rising about 0 2 while shares of energy companies in the S amp

Where Are the Best Buying Opportunities in Stocks Right Now?
1 30 Joseph Stilwell Investing in the small banking community 6 30 David Tepper s Holdings Buying into the pharmaceutical industry 11 40 George Soro s Holdings Starting new positions in energy 14 25 Kevin and Tracey go in

5 Energy Stocks to Buy on Surprise Oil Spike
Amid weak fundamentals that have kept the price of West Texas Intermediate crude (WTI) at embarrassing levels for over a year, an improvement was noted on Thursday. The big question now is what prompted the spike in the price

Energy Sector Update for 09/04/2015: KEG,ABGB,BP
Top Energy Stocks XOM 1.61% CVX 1.83% COP 1.91% SLB 1.57% OXY 1.49% Energy stocks were finishing sharply lower again, with the NYSE Energy Sector Index sinking more than 2.2% while shares of energy companies in the S&P 500

Falling Earnings Estimates Signal Weakness Ahead for Key Energy Services (KEG)
Similar to wise buying decisions, exiting certain underperformers at the right time helps maximize portfolio returns. Selling off losers can be difficult, but if both the share price and estimates are falling, it could be time to get rid