"The KEYW Holding Corporation" "KEYW"

Last Trade Price: 9.66
Last Trade Date: "2/24/2017"
Last Trade Time:"4:00pm"
Change and % Change:"-0.27 - -2.72%"
Volume: 437060
Day's High:9.87
Day's Low:9.56
52 Week Range: "5.85 - 13.57"

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Why KEYW Holding (KEYW) Could Be Positioned for a Slump
Similar to wise buying decisions exiting certain underperformers at the right time helps maximize portfolio returns Selling off losers can be difficult but if both the share price and estimates are falling it could be time to get rid of the security before more losses hit your portfolio

Technology Sector Update for 01/27/2017: KLAC,DQ,KEYW
Top Tech StocksTop Tech Stocks MSFT 2 12 MSFT 2 12 AAPL 0 15 AAPL 0 15 IBM 0 56 IBM 0 56 CSCO 0 70 CSCO 0 70 GOOG 1 07 GOOG 1 07 Technology stocks were holding onto moderate gains late Friday afternoon with shares of tech companies in the S amp P 500 posting a 0 3 gain

Why KEYW Holding Corp. Shares Plunged Today
Image source KeyW Holding Corp What happened Shares of KeyW Holding Corp NASDAQ KEYW were down 16 7 as of 11 00 a m EST Friday after the intelligence and counterterrorism technology solutions specialist announced preliminary 2016 results and a new public

Technology Sector Update for 01/27/2017: MXIM,DQ,KEYW
Top Tech StocksTop Tech Stocks MSFT 2 30 MSFT 2 30 AAPL 0 03 AAPL 0 03 IBM 0 14 IBM 0 14 CSCO 0 35 CSCO 0 35 GOOG 0 74 GOOG 0 74 Technology stocks were producing moderate gains Friday afternoon with shares of tech companies in the S amp P 500 jumping out to a 0 4 gain

Why Shares of KEYW Holding Corp. Popped 11% in September
High altitude drones will likely play a role in KEYW Holding Corp s new contract win Image source Getty Images What happened Shares of security company KEYW Holding Corp NASDAQ KEYW jumped 10 7 during the month of September after the company won a major

Baron Funds Comments on The KEYW Holding Corp
The KEYW Holding Corporation ( NASDAQ KEYW ) is a government services company that specializes in cybersecurity and intelligence gathering applications. Shares have increased dramatically since fourth quarter earnings. At that time, the incoming CEO announced his strategic initiatives