"Potbelly Corporation" "PBPB"

Last Trade Price: 13.95
Last Trade Date: "4/28/2017"
Last Trade Time:"4:00pm"
Change and % Change:"+0.10 - +0.72%"
Volume: 264917
Day's High:14.05
Day's Low:13.70
52 Week Range: "11.58 - 14.57"

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What's in Store for Potbelly (PBPB) this Earnings Season?
Potbelly Corporation PBPB is set to report first quarter 2017 results on May 2 after market close Last quarter the company posted an earnings surprise of 114 29 In fact the Chicago based casual dining restaurant s earnings outpaced met the Zacks Consensus Estimate in all of the

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For Immediate Release Chicago IL April 26 2017 Stocks in this week s article include 160 Century Casinos Inc NASDAQ CNTY Free Report Potbelly Corp NASDAQ PBPB Free Report Commercial Vehicle Group Inc NASDAQ CVGI Free Report Nucor Corp NYSE

5 Best-Ranked Liquid Stocks for Impressive Returns
The liquidity position of a company often indicates whether its business is going in a profitable direction A company with a favorable liquidity position has the potential to provide higher returns as liquidity drives growth However one should exercise caution before investing in

Zacks Value Investor Highlights: Habit Restaurants, Potbelly, Zoe's Kitchen and Chipotle
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Who's the Next McDonald's?
0 30 Restaurant Stock Update 3 50 Tracey s Top 3 Picks 160 160 160 11 00 Is Chipotle the next McDonalds 13 30 Episode Round Up Stock Tickers 160 160 160 160 160 160 Podcast zacks com Welcome to Episode