"Tesla "TSLA"

Last Trade Price: 362.37
Last Trade Date: "6/27/2017"
Last Trade Time:"4:00pm"
Change and % Change:"-15.12 - -4.01%"
Volume: 6996399
Day's High:376.40
Day's Low:362.02
52 Week Range: "178.19 - 384.25"

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Tesla, Inc. to Announce Q2 Deliveries: What to Expect
Unlike its automotive peers which report vehicle deliveries every month Tesla NASDAQ TSLA 160 announces its vehicle deliveries only four times a year The electric car maker reports its vehicle deliveries within three calendar days of each quarter s end And it s coming up

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Tesla, Inc. Starts Selling Tesla-Branded Solar Panels in Its Stores
Since Tesla NASDAQ TSLA announced it would acquire SolarCity last year it was clear Tesla wanted to do more than own the solar company outright it wanted to fully integrate its products into the Tesla brand and give them a design overhaul Indeed not long after

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3 Tech Stocks With Surprisingly Low P/E Ratios
There s been no shortage of analysis on the incredible run that tech stocks have had this year and despite a few volatile patches recently the sector is dominating Wall Street in 2017 Nevertheless some of this performance seems to be in defiance of the market s traditional methods, Inc. (AMZN)-Whole Foods Buyout Casts a Cloud Over Blue Apron
InvestorPlace Stock Market News Stock Advice amp Trading Tips Amazon com Inc NASDAQ AMZN can either buy or destroy meal kit provider Blue Apron without breaking a sweat as it prepares to absorb its 13 7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc NASDAQ